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Hundreds of Meridiana staff rally!
By Editor
Published: Nov 17, 2014

Hundreds of employees of privately owned Sardinian carrier Meridiana rallied Monday the labor ministry in Rome ahead of a meeting between government, management and unions over the company's plan to lay off 1,366 people.
Sources close to the company told ANSA that Meridiana was set to begin laying people off immediately


Drones Used to Asses Aircraft Damage
By AEI Editor
Published: Aug 7, 2014

Easyjet develops flying robots to inspect aircraft!

We have examined and assessed cutting edge technology across many different industries and are now applying a range of new technologies to the aviation sector for the first time to help us run our fleet of aircraft more effectively, efficiently and safely," said chief executive Carolyn McCall.



Secretary General Report July 2014.
By AEI Editor
Published: Jul 28, 2014

Are we heading back to Servitude or even slavery and day jobs over secure labour contract?

Read the interesting July report from AEI Secretary General ! Read the interesting July report from AEI Secretary General !

 (EASA-AEI July meeting notes on members page)


Labor protects Qantas
By Editor
Published: Jun 30, 2014

Labor protects Qantas
Labor believes Qantas must remain in majority Australian hands and will move in the Senate to ensure that remains the case in the national interest.
The Opposition will propose changes to the Qantas Sale Act which would remove the so-called 25-35 provisions limits on Qantas foreign ownership.
The changes were first proposed in the 2009 Aviation White Paper and are in line with long-standing Labor policy. At that time this proposed change was rejected by the Coalition and the Greens.

July 12. 2014: Read the latest news about Qantas sacking of 175 LAMEs on the members page!

Latest news from AEI Secretary General !
By AEI Editor
Published: May 16, 2014

The current aviation industry climate is forcing a situation where the lowest common denominator is consistently sought to the exclusion of all else. AEI continues to receive disturbing information telling of an increasing number of companies implementing social dumping whilst attempting to benefit from light regulation or favourable taxation in countries prepared to offer what amounts to a flag of convenience.

Read the full article from AEI Secratary General. Read the full article from AEI Secratary General.


Virgin Australia has taken second place in the Randstad Awards
By AEI Editor
Published: Apr 15, 2014

For the second year running, Virgin Australia has taken second place in the Randstad Awards for the best employer in Australia.
The award, which was won by national broadcaster the ABC also for the second year in a row, is based on the results of the world’s largest employment survey into employer branding, and locally was derived from surveys of 7,000 Australian jobseekers about Australia’s 150 largest employers. 


Dear readers!

The Attached documents give an in-depth research result about the Future expectations for job security, possibilities, numbers of needed future technicians and engineers by the US government. Although the details of the prognoses in other parts of the world may be different, a number of conclusions drawn may be very similar in other regions of the world.
Having this in the back of your mind it is useful information for Unions, Association of staff groups, interested persons as well as for students looking for future jobs and study directions. In addition it could be useful for training organisation, looking and weak areas to stimulate, or Curriculums to adept to make the various training more interesting for particular groups such as female students whose numbers are now under developed in the various technical training classes.

All in all, a project results worth reading.
FGH Bruggeman
Aircraft Engineers International Secretary General


A black day for Australian Aviation !
By AEI Editor
Published: Feb 27, 2014

Doomsday at Qantas today with anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 employees to lose their jobs, 5,000 is punters bet, black day for Australian Aviation and the Australian National Airline.

Announcement from ALAEA. Announcement from Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.


Steve Purvinas, Federal Secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers' Association, discusses QANTAS' announcement that it will be cutting 5000 jobs following a $252 million loss.


ALPA, Global Aviation Labor Leaders Take Campaign To Oslo
By AEI Editor
Published: Feb 5, 2014

Opposes What They Call Norwegian Air Shuttle’s 'Evasive Labor Practices'

A delegation of pilots and aviation labor leaders from around the globe are meeting in Oslo, Norway, this week as part of a critical fact-finding mission to raise awareness over Norwegian Air Shuttle’s (NAS) attempt to avoid Norway’s employment laws.
The group says NAS plans to establish NAI as a subsidiary low-cost air carrier of Ireland, whose labor laws, unlike Norway’s, appear to allow outsourcing of aircrew beyond the European Union.



Lufthansa Technik layoff 400 jobs!
By AEI Editor
Published: Jan 13, 2014

Lufthansa Technik, a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa responsible for aircraft maintenance, announced the closure of a facility near Dublin, Ireland, in late December, with the loss of 411 jobs. The move came after a one-month consultation period begun in November.

The company blamed the closure on declining market share and a drop in revenues. It comes as Lufthansa is in the process of a major restructuring drive aiming to cut 3,500 jobs by next year. The workers could be laid off as early as the end of this month, with formal redundancy notices issued December 20.


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